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30 october 2020

14:00 / 18:30 CEST

online conference - Italian language only

Innovation & Emerging Technologies @ DIDAYS

How to participate?

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2) Get in touch with KOBE PARTNERS to receive the invitation to the panel Innovation & Emerging technologies

Innovation & Emerging Technologies  - Kobe Partners invites you to the most prestigious Italian conference focused on technology and innovation.
The 7th consecutive annual edition of Digital Innovation Days will take place on October 30, 2020.
Fernando Piccirilli, co-founder of KOBE PARTNERS - M&A origination and digital deal specialists, was invited as moderator and curator of the panel dedicated to Innovation & Emerging Technologies.

In collaboration with the staff DIDAYS, we gathered speakers belonging to the main institutions, multinational and virtuous startup companies dedicated to fostering digital innovation in Italy. KOBE invited leaders active in the digitization process that will participate by sharing their experiences and vision on growth drivers and new trends of the ICT industry. Following, there will be a brief Q&A about the new challenges of the post-digital era and the methodologies to meet the renewed expectations of clients. For the first time this year,the event will be held online - previously in Milan @ Talent Garden venue. Below is the program of the panel scheduled for October 30, 2020 between 2:00 pm and 6:30 pm.

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Fernando Piccirilli

M&A Digital Deal Specialist, Co-Founder @ Kobe Partners


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KOBE PARTNERS provides financial and legal advisory with a focus on external growth and value creation strategies.


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