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The Venture Engine
of Growth for
Early-Stage companies
We work at the intersection between technology and finance.

In the actual context of digital disruption, the traditional M&A is set for change. At Kobe Partners, we implement a holistic and effective approach to foster both growth and capabilities for our clients. We match the most successful investors with outstanding start companies to start new equity partnerships.

We operate with a quality-over-quantity mindset. Our mission is to provide excellent deal flow to our investors and invaluable connections for our clients. 

We foster innovation and run ongoing and systematic research of the latest insights, industry trends, emerging technologies, new business models, and business opportunities deriving from the dynamic innovation ecosystem.

Join our international community of investors

We partner with Venture Capitalists and Early-Stage investors and support their scouting and origination efforts.

To become a member, we require an invitation from an existing member or an application approved by our Membership Committee.

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Our vision
Our mission

KOBE PARTNERS provides investment advisory services with a focus on value creation and external growth. We serve clients seeking to outsource the M&A origination and for the scouting of potential target companies and emerging technologies. 
Our goal is to provide the top management with several acquisition objectives or opportunities to undertake strategic alliances. We implement a holistic approach to explore feasible M&A activities in line with the growth path of our clients.

Deal value creation is critical in the actual context of digital disruption, major industry convergence and shifting business models. We run a constant research on the latest trends and dynamics within many niche sectors of the ICT industry. 

Our aim is to be recognized at an international level as "innovative actors”, to create long-term relationships with our clients while being ready to experience new projects. 

(Seed to Series A)
Acceleration Program
Investor Relations
Legal & Business Structuring
Business Strategy
Big Data Analytics
& Market Research

We offer Business Representative services in several European and LatAm countries and provide tailored assistance for the establishment of new companies or franchises, legal procedures, book-keeping, fiscal advisory.

Kobe Partners focus on its clients' growth and its international outlook distinguish it in the European Advisors community.

Your Network is your Net Worth.

Overcome the boundaries of your organization.
In today’s disruptive environment, M&A strategies and deal origination are  rapidly evolving into developing broader market-sensing capabilities as corporate growth strategy demands new growth engines.
- Bain Capital


Financial and legal are key elements for optimal growth of every company

Our services are tailored on the needs of SMEs and startup companies facing the challenges of digital disruption. We help the management to shape the vision for future corporate development and assess investment opportunities.

We provide financial and legal advisory to an international client's portfolio. Our aim is to build long-term relationship with our clients. Our team is composed by experts in the field of corporate finance, legal, accounting, and management with outstanding professional and educational backgrounds.

We offer Business Representative services in several European  and LatAm countries and provide tailored assistance for the establishment of new companies or franchises, legal procedures, book-keeping, fiscal advisory.


Our Code of Ethics sets out guidelines which enable Kobe Partners to give its clients assurances that go beyond those of the relevant professional regulatory bodies. The loyalty and trust of our clients, guarantee our service and confirm our trajectory based on the VALUES that have guided the work in the office.

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